The new MS Microchip Syringe is a sturdy, durable syringe with microchip for pets and other animals. It is designed with an applicator to facilitate injection of the microchip. The Syringe and needle have an innovative and ergonomic design. The MS Syringe with Microchip is completely sterilized and the chip will last as long as the animal lives. MS Schippers is always innovating to make animal identification easier!

MS Microchip Syringe

MS Microchip syringe has an RFID-chip for use in the electronic identification of pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets and horses. There are two ways of implantation: subcutaneous and intramuscular. The Luer-Lock needle can be removed separately from the syringe to make it easier to dispose of waste materials.

Features MS Microchip syringe:

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0402575 Quick Transponder Reader Easy

The Quick Transponder reader is a simple reader with outstanding performances. The reader can read the following types of transponders:

Characteristics Quick Transponder Reader:

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